What is Anthem

Link to Anthem Trailer and Game Play Demo
Anthem is a open-world action-RPG where you and your friends are freelancers, willing to leave the safety of civilisation behind to explore a vast and unknown landscape where everything can kill you. In Anthem you and your friends have a verity of mech’s called Javelins that you use to explore the landscape and fight enemy’s with weapons and Javelins abilities. We only know of 2 Javelins so far Ranger and Colossus.


Javelin: Ranger

The Ranger is a balanced suit designed to be a good all-rounder. In the game play demo from E3 2017 it is shown to be equipped with a missile launcher that fires a barrage of rockets that can be locked onto multiple targets. It also appears to have some kind of dive attack.


Javelin: Colossus

The Colossus is a heavy tank suit with a much bulkier frame than the Ranger. We’ve so far seen it equipped with a shoulder-mounted mortar that causes incredibly massive explosions, and seen that it can do a ground-pound attack.

Each Javelin has a special attack like Destiny’s Super system though we did not get to see this happen we saw an icon pop up in the middle of the screen.

Not Much else is known about Anthem and hopefully we will know more as time goes by and I will update this post when more is known about Anthem.

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