ARK: Ragnarok DLC



Ragnarok is the newest DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved and it brings many new thing to the game. Ragnarok brings several new creatures to ARK such as the Ice Wyvern, Polar Bear, and Griffin, as well as 2 new dungeon bosses; The Ice Worm and Lava Golem.


Ragnarok’s Map

Tho the map has not been completely finished we do have an idea what it will look like and also what they might be named it is said to be the biggest and coolest map so far having a 144 sq. kilometres environment.

Creature: Griffin

1 of the many creatures in this DLC is the Griffin. The Griffin is a flying creature that is part eagle part lion. when tamed it is a powerful tame and quickly becoming 1 of the best flyers in ark. It is also very useful on land being part lion it is able to move fast along the terrain then saw buck up into the sky. When tamed your note-book opens and in it says.

“The idea of pacifying such a beast is nothing to scoff at. It’s highly independent nature and disinterest with interacting with humans combined with its power a strength make the Griffin a challenge to domesticate. However, there have been those who are fearless enough to attempt and succeed at this miraculous feat. Once tamed, riding atop a Griffin along with a tribe mate passenger, dashing through the air at high-speed, is a price in and of itself.” This makes the Griffin sound like a bad ass and it is right about that.


Ice Wyvern

The Ice Wyvern is the newest Wyvern in ark being a lot like the fire Wyvern and looking a lot like the lighting Wyvern it sits in the same place as the other Wyverns slow yet doing a lot of damage.

The 2 new bosses don’t have a spawn location at the time of writing this but they can be spawned in through console commands.

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