Destiny 2: Arcstrider


Arcstrider hands on

At E3 2017 at the Sony booth the game destiny 2 was playable for the first time for many destiny fans this was the first time to get hands on experience with destiny 2. during E3 player got to play the first mission Homecoming, a strike called inverted spire and a PvP map called midtown. also at E3 people got to play all 3 classes (hunter, Titan and Warlock) as well as 1 of 3 sub-classes, for the Titan it was fists of havoc, for the Warlock it was dawn blade and for Hunter it was arcstrider.

Perks and Abilities

In destiny 2 the sub-class system is more simple compared to destiny 1’s sub-class system it is now split up between to 2 pathways, grenade modifiers, jump modifiers, ability modifiers and the super. The 2 pathways are way of the Wind and way of the Warrior.

  • Combat Flow: Recharges Dodge ability upon a melee kill
  • Deadly Reach: Extends range of a melee attack after a Dodge
  • Lethal Current: Arc Staff hits twice after a Dodge
  • Shocking Blow: Emit lightning on a melee hit

The way of the Warrior seems to be a melee focused build which is interesting skill tree which hasn’t been attempted before in destiny because of the fact in PvE (Player versus environment) the AI’s melee would do a lot more damage than the players melee if this is the same in destiny 2 than i don’t see this tree becoming popular but if they toned down the damage than this build could become devastating in the right hands. This is a synergy build away you could play this tree is you dodge extending your melee range, melee using shocking blow for more damage killing the enemy and resetting your dodge and repeating this could be a very good tree and brings in a new way to play Destiny.

The other skill tree is Way of the Wind.

  • Disorienting Blow: Striking an enemy with a melee attack disorient them. Killing a disoriented enemy instantly recharges Disorienting Blow.
  • Lightning Reflexes: Take less damage while dodging while Arc Staff is active
  • Battle Meditation: When critically wounded, melee and grenade abilities recharge faster
  • Focused Breathing: Sprinting reduces Dodge cool down and Sprint speed is increased

People who were fans of the blade dancer sub-class for the Hunter in Destiny 1 will like this tree. The Way of the Wind tree is a high risk, high reward tree. the modifier Battle Meditation when critically wounded (low health) your melee and grenade ability recharge faster at first this ability seems good but i have a few questions about it first is how fast do your ability’s recharge and the second is how low dose are health have to be because if you need your to be really low than it makes this ability useless on the other hand you only need your health to go down to half health than this is a really good ability, if you have or recovery low than if will take longer to regenerate health therefore this ability will last longer. Overall this tree has the ability to be an amazing tree.

The arcstriders grenades are the skip grenade a grenade that splits apart into smaller grenades that tracks people this grenade when split 1 part of it does not do a lot of damage but if all parts hit it will do a lot of damage even so this grenade is meant for crowed control. the second grenade is the flux grenade this grenade sticks to people killing them if it is stuck to them. The third grenade is the arcbolt grenade. This grenade when thrown it creates a small cloud above where the grenade hit it will look for a target, when it has found a target has been found it will shoot a lighting bolt at the target this will chain to other targets, if the grenade has not found a target after 5 seconds it will disappear.

The jump modifiers are High Jump, Strafe Jump and Triple Jump. High jump is pretty self-explanatory, High jump allows you boost jump to go higher, Strafe jump allows you to move around more while in the air and Triple jump allows you to have 2 extra boost jumps.

The class ability is called Dodge the 2 modifiers Gamblers dodge and Marksman dodge. Marksman dodge will instantly reload your weapon after dodging and Gamblers dodge will instantly give a melee charge.

The final ability is arc staff this is your super and it is very powerful. When activated you summon a lighting staff to destroy your emery’s. this is more useful than its Destiny 1’s counter part arc blade. It is more control able than arc blade.

Overall the arcstrider seems to be a very powerful sub-class.

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Base Game: $99.95
Base Game + expansion pass: 118.22
Digital Deluxe Edition: $131.36
Limited Edition: $149
Collector edition: $328.41

Destiny 2 is a looter-shooter game go jump in with friends kill bosses, go on a massive 6 player raid or jump into the crucible and collect LOOT!

Story Outline:
Humanity’s last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Gaul, commander of the Red Legion. He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.


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