Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Part 2

Part 2

This is part 2 of 2 of the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind DLC overview in this part i go over the location and quests.


The main location for the DLC is Vvardenfell it is located North of Stonefalls and east of Eastmarch and the Rift. Vvardenfell is a massive island with towering mushrooms and a thick Ash sweeping the island and in the centre is the Red Mountain. On the south end of the island is Vivec’s city where Vivec 1 of the 3 mortal gods lives.

ESO Ward


The first quest is given by opening a letter sent to you after purchase of Morrowind when activating you are given the quest Divine Conundrum this will tell you to go to Vvardenfell once there you meet an NPC after doing what she asked of you you will go to Vivec city and Vivec.

Vvardenfell Quests

Here is a complete list of all the quests in Vvardenfell by click on the name is will take you a page that gives you all the steps and what you get after completing the quest. Disclaimer not all quests have been completed like Siren’s song  I will update the post when more information becomes available or when the page get updated


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